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Kava Construction Inc. offers a variety of services that are customized to help our customers upgrade any facility operation. Contact us for a quote on your next project.

Bulk Weigh Systems

Upgrading your existing load out capabilities to New Bulk Scales for Rail Load Out or In-Line Process Scales, we offer systems from 100 CWT to 80,000 BPH.


Kava Construction, Inc. specializes in working with you the customer to renovate your existing facility or Design and Build New Green Field Projects.

Auto Cad Design, Site Layout, Engineering, Permitting, and Construction of the Project are our Specialty.

Drive Techs

Howell Head Drives are disappearing as newer and Higher Horse Power drives are required for today’s equipment. We have several personnel on staff who are experts at the maintenance and rebuilding of Howell Head Drives. Please call for your parts and repair needs.


As a Design/Build Contractor, we will work with you to determine your drying requirements. Taking into consideration the amount of space you have for a dryer or a new stand-alone system including storage and handling equipment with drying capacities up to 12,000 BPH.

Emergency Services

For you our client, we provide you with 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency breakdown service. We will make sure a crew is on your site in the shortest amount of time possible.

Facility Renovation

From wooden crib elevators to steel and concrete facilities, we will repair existing equipment and structures or complete a facility upgrade with the latest equipment to suite your needs

Fan Silencers

Contact Kava Construction Inc. for a quote to lower the decible level of your aeration fans by 20 to 40 percent depending on the application.

Mainenance & Repair

General Maintenance and Repair: Including but not limited to: Adjusting and Resplicing Leg Belts, Spouting Repair, Re-lining, and Replacement, Repair/Replace Bearings and Gearboxes/Drives and everything inbetween.

Maintenance Contracts: We will customize maintenance contracts to meet individual facility needs.

OSHA Compliance

We will provide our clients with safety upgrades to your facility to make it OSHA Compliant. We provide the following services:

Renovate Existing ladders / Catwalks / and Access Platforms

Custom Fabricate Platforms to fit Existing Equipment and to gain better access to Grain Bin Inspection doors and other hard to reach places.

– Ladders with Cage, Rest Platforms, Hatches, and Safety Gates
– Custom Stairways to OSHA Regulations
– Rail Car Fall Protection Systems / Add additional Fall Protection Anchor Points to Existing Structures
– Provide Belt / Motor / Shaft Guards for Equipment

Pollution Control

As a Design/Build Contractor, we will work with you to determine your pollution control requirements which will meet or exceed State and EPA requirements using Cyclone collectors or Bag Filters.

We also repair and renovate existing Pollution Control systems.

Specialty Crop

We not only Design/Build Commercial Grain Storage and Handling Projects. We also Design/Build Specialty Processing Facilities to fit your needs. From Edible Beans to Food Processing, We have the experience and know how to accommodate your needs.

Storage Solutions

As a Design/Build Contractor, we will design with you our client a Storage System with the use of a variety of Manufacturers to provide you with the best Storage Bin, Hopper Tank, Ground Pile, and/or Flat Storage to obtain the max bushel storage per the space available. We will also provide and install the proper Aeration, Bean Ladders, Bin Sweeps, and Handling Equipment to suite your Storage System with Expansion always in mind.

Truck Scales

As a Design/Build Contractor, we will work with you to determine your scale requirements. Adding a remote truck scale covered or uncovered to replacing your existing driveway scale including new software and Card Reading Systems w/ Kiosks