Finley Farmers Grain & Elevator Co. - Finley, ND

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North House

2000- Shipping and Bulkweigh System Addition

2002- New Commerical Storage Bin and Material Handling Addition

2007- Raise Shipping Leg. New 40,000BPH Magik Kleener to Existing Shipping System

South House

1998- Installed in Bin Bulk Weigh and Raised Shipping Leg

2004- Installed Magik Kleener off Shipping Leg. Increase Existing Reclaim System with New Material Handling and New Storage Addition

2005- Install New Truck Scale, Wet Bin, Dryer, and Material Handling Addition

2011- New 105' Dia. Commercial Storage Bin, Increase Receiving Capacity, Replace Overhead Material Handling and Catwalks

2013- New Dryer and Material Handling Addition