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Skilled Millwright Foreman and Laborers

KAVA Construction is currently looking for experienced and skilled Foreman and Laborer Millwrights. This is a full time position.

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Who We Are

Kava Construction Inc. was founded in 1972, Incorporated in 1974, and continues to operate with the same core values. Kava Construction Inc. continues to push the boundaries to educate our crew in this technological advancing industry to consistently become a more efficient company to handle our client’s needs.  From simple repairs to large Inland terminals and efficient Food Grade Processing Lines, Kava Construction, Inc.  has completed them all.

Kava Construction Inc. has a Safety First Approach to every project. With Kava Construction Inc.’s Five Consecutive Year certification in the SAM and SMP Safety Programs through North Dakota’s Work Force Safety, Kava Construction Inc.’s Safety Program and Policies can and will meet all of our clients’ safety requirements.

With our Drug Free Work Place Policy all crew member are subject to Pre-employment, Random, Suspicious, and Post-Accident drug screening. Jobsite Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy; Certified Equipment Operators, we take the extra preventative measures to avoid injury as well as our Task Specific Policies, Kava Construction Inc. takes every measure to ensure the safety and well-being of our crew, our client, and their facilities.

Kava Construction Inc. crew members must go through our extensive Employee Orientation, Onsite Training, attend our Weekly Safety Meetings, and attend the Daily Jobsite Safety Meetings to help keep them alert to potential hazards of the jobsite and give them the proper fundamentals to properly perform their duties.

All crew members are at a minimum, certified in the following:

OSHA 10 Hour, Confined Space, Forklift, Arial Lift Platform, First Aid, CPR, and Rigging.

As a General Contractor we require all Sub-Contractors on our Projects to adhere to the same standards.

Above all, Kava Construction Inc. understands that you can never be too safe, and that there’s always room for improvement when it comes to the safety and well-being of it’s crew members.

Kava Construction Inc. will adapt to any additional programs that our clients may require without hesitation.



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